Artmar Artı Mermer A.Ş. mermer ocaklarıyla mermer ürünleri konusunda üretime başladığı 1997 yılndan itibaren müşterilerinin istekleri doğrultusunda kaliteli ve güvenilir ürünler üretmeyi hedefleyerek çalışmalarını sürdürmektedir.

About Us

Artmar Artı Marble A.Ş. continues its activities by aiming at manufacturing high-quality and reliable products in compliance with demands of customers since the year 1997, when the company commenced production of marble products with marble quarries at its disposal. Acknowledging high quality in production as a primary principle, Artmar A.Ş. has been manufacturing standard, upon order/specifically sized marble slabs for export; on 5.115 m2 of indoor / 18.998 m2 outdoor production area with its specialized personnel and team of engineers.

Our Mission:

Artmar Artı Marble A.Ş. is an enterpreneurial company putting forward improvements in product quality and customer satisfaction with experience of more than 30 years, young and dynamic, skilled personnel and high-quality service; employing up-to-date technology; and conducting all types of specialized production of high-quality marble blocks, slabs and tiles by following closely the developments in marble industry.

Our goal is to maintain our presence through principles of completely reliable and high-quality products, of a proper understanding of service and of customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to provide added value for the sector as a company that can completely meet the requests of its customers; by using our resources in the most efficient way, being open to developments and manufacturing products with a competent quality.

Artmar Artı Marble A.Ş. does not regard competence as destroying the opposing side, but as competing for the criterion of quality. The company acknowledges that being trustworthy and trusting in people are the greatest capital there is, and acts in compliance with this understanding. It renews itself by perpetually following the branches of information technologies, information and technology necessitated by our age, related to our field of activity.

Our Vision:

Artmar Artı Marble A.Ş. meets expectations of both international and domestic customers one-on-one, and presents products of reliable quality, surpassing their requests; becoming one of prominent companies of Europe and Asia through the understanding of greatly qualified and high-quality service, and thus, leads the sector; while constantly chasing new improvements for the rapid production of high-quality goods since the year 1997, when the company commenced production of marble products.

It is to retain the quality of being a fair, honest, principled and trustworthy company, and of activities during its life time as principles, and timing it by putting effort in preserving it without appeasement, and to follow our goals with quality and trustworthiness.

In order to carry our company forward, the principle we dwell on with importance is to operate in a customer-centered manner and to achieve paramount customer satisfaction by creating an honest working environment and utilizing resources at our disposal in the best way possible. Activities we carry out for achieving quality in our products within the scope of activities of ISO 9001, we create more skilled labour power day by day, and work for reflecting it the best to our manufacturing processes.

Preserving ethical values and perceiving disciplined work as a principle, Artmar Artı Marble A.Ş. will continue raising the awareness of its personnel and improving itself in the light of its concrete principles, without ignoring human and environmental health.

Our Quality:

We aim at rendering our service and product quality measurable and sustainable in marble industry, within which we operate in the light of vision, mission and corporate values we have formed. Towards this end; we strive to be a company that continuously renovates itself by taking customer needs and expectations into consideration.

We implement required acts by measuring customer satisfaction. We dynamize our work processes by conducting performance follow-ups. We work for consistent improvement our product quality.

In order to gather a qualified and experienced team, we activate communication and education channels for ensuring the development of our staff. We try to improve our collaboration with suppliers. In fact, our suppliers operate for the benefit of our company by incorporating company’s philosophy in an independent and free manner, just like our employees. We keep on taking steps by the projects we develop, towards contributing to the community.

TTK Information:

Workplace Commercial Company Title: Artmar Artı Marble and Mine Expedition Incorporated/1 NL Branch Office

Commercial Registration Number: 35033

Land Provider: Artmar A.Ş., Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, 12.St. Eskişehir

Workplace Commercial Center: OIZ, 12.St, No:13, Eskişehir

Nace Code: 256201

Address: OIZ, 12.St., No:13, TR-26110, Eskişehir

Tel.: +90-222-2361075 Fax: +90-222-2360205

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Mersis No.: 3263445367315608